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A Special Event at Adams Ranch

Join us for a night of live entertainment, dinner and dancing under the stars. The Paradise Found Dinner will benefit over 340 children, youth and human trafficking victims that are in our daily care at Place of Hope, all while celebrating Old Florida and the beautiful outdoors.

Presented by GLHOMES®
Hosted by Adams Ranch
26003 Orange Ave, Fort Pierce

December 6, 6 PM – 10 PM

To secure your sponsorship or tickets, visit

Paradise Found Dinner Event

The Ranch

Founded in 1937, Adams Ranch is a fourth-generation cattle business operating in St. Lucie, Madison, Okeechobee and Osceola Counties, headquartered in Fort Pierce, Florida. Florida cattle has been an Adams family passion for 4 generations. The ranch today encompasses approximately 40,000 acres of Florida pasture and is the now the 12th ranked cow calf ranch in the country and is ranked nationally in the top 50 seed stock ranches.

The Cattle

The Adams Ranch seed stock program offers Florida ranchers with a unique opportunity to grow your herd with a genetically controlled seed stock designed for success in Florida’s tropical climate. Starting with the original Brahma and Hereford combinations, the Adams Ranch Braford® and the Adams Ranch ABEEF®, ARRAB®, and ARGEL® now form the Adams Ranch Reds® a new resource for the development of the Florida cattle herd. The Adams Ranch seed stock bulls and heifers now provide new options for increased productivity, fertility, longevity and grade out quality to all of our ranching partners.

Natural Beef

The Adams Ranch Natural Beef® provides a new opportunity for consumers to enjoy tasty tender beef raised naturally on open pasture. The Adams Ranch Natural Beef® is from cattle bred, born and raised on by the Adams Ranch’s open Florida pastures using industry-leading natural calving and animal husbandry practices. The Adams Ranch Braford® cattle are bred for open range success under Florida’s tropical sunshine. The Braford cattle are heat tolerant, disease resistant and are raised on a completely vegetarian diet with No Antibiotics, No Hormones, EVER to provide you with healthier, tastier tender beef at every meal.

Family Heritage

Florida cattle has been an Adams family passion for 4 generations. Founded in 1937, the ranch today encompasses approximately 50,000 acres of Florida pasture. Founded in 1937, Adams Ranch is a fourth-generation cattle business operating in St. Lucie, Madison, Okeechobee, and Osceola Counties, headquartered in Fort Pierce, Florida. And most importantly, the entire family here at the Adams Ranch have as our first priority, the preservation of the land for future generations. Recognized nationally as a leading force in conservation, the Adams Ranch family continues to lead the way in new initiatives to preserve the beauty and quality of the land for generations.